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TEAM Group Ltd.

“Mitchell Excavation has been working with TEAM Group doing our Excavation work on many projects during the last five years. We have been very pleased with the quality of work and would highly recommend them for any project. They bring a very high level of Value Engineering along with outstanding work ethics and are always thinking outside the box.”

Martin J Coulson


Bob Moore Construction, Inc.

“We have enjoyed the opportunity to work with Mitchell Excavation on the construction of the IKO Manufacturing Complex, a technically challenging and highly visible project in Hillsboro, Texas. Mitchell Excavation has performed its responsibilities in a truly professional manner. Its employees at all levels of the organization are knowledgeable about what they do, conscious about safety at our job site and extremely easy to work with. We appreciate how willing they are to collaborate with a genuine team player attitude, an essential element to our successful completion of the IKO project.”

Ed McGuire


Wier Enterprises

“Mitchell Excavation has been a member of our construction team in the DFW area for over 4 years now. We have been very fortunate to find Mitchell Excavation and make them a part of our Wier Enterprises family. In our business, subcontractors are our life line and they have been one we can depend on. They are very time and cost conscience and have been a great partner for us over the years.”

Clint Sanford

Vice President

Parkway Construction and Associates

“I have worked with Mitchell Excavation for the past 10 years. Mitchell is my go-to excavation sub because they offer incredible customer service and do everything with in their power to complete the job on time. The best part of working with Andy and his crew is that when a mistake is made (either by Mitchel Excavation or other contractors), Andy brings all hands on deck to correct the issue and get the project back to schedule. I will continue to use Mitchell Excavation every opportunity that I have.”

Justin Ballard

Sr. Program Manager